Adelaide Orthotic Experts

Taking Steps To Protect & Support The Bodies Locomotive System

Orthotic SA are a private Orthotics provider in South Australia that provides patients with specialised orthotics services to achieve their goals. Don’t let discomfort discourage you from doing the things that you enjoy most in life. Your road to recovery begins today so you can enjoy the benefits of a pain free life tomorrow!

Our Vision Is To Provide Exceptional Orthotic Services For Every Patient, Every Day

How We Help You

Foot and Ankle Conditions

We provide simple and complex orthotics services for management of complex foot and ankle issues, post operative management, acute management, arthritic management and neuromuscular problems. We offer the highest quality custom work as well as a range of premium pre-fabricated orthotic devices.

Knee Conditions

We provide detailed assessment for selecting the right knee brace for different knee conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, knee ligament instability and injuries,  post operative care, patella tendon injury, cartilage loss.

Sporting and Fracture Management

If you’ve suffered a sporting injury or fracture you’ll want to take the proper steps to recovery. We will make sure you get back to doing what you love with our range of braces and devices that will reduce strain on your body. 

Paediatric Orthotics

Comprehensive paediatric care is available, both simple and complex, from Orthotic SA. We offer prefabricated and custom orthotics for  foot and ankle management, custom plagiocephaly helmets and management of complex neuromuscular conditions.


Our staff has experience in working with patients with complex neuromuscular and neurological cases such and Multiple sclerosis, Stroke (CVA), Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Peripheral nerve damage and muscular weakness arising from brain injury and any other condition requiring support, control and prevention of deformities.

Service Funding

Our services can be funded in a variety of manners: NDIS, Private health, DVA, Return to WORK SA. We can also arrange options to suit your circumstances as they arise. 

About Us At OrthoticSA

Orthotic SA are a leading orthotic provider located in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, who provides patients with specialised orthotic services to help them live their best life. Our patient first approach is centred around delivering tailored treatment to every patient through the use of modern technology and evidence based methodologies. We build long term connections with our patients and offer ongoing support to give you the best treatment and service in the business. 

Our head Orthotist Kunal is highly experienced and passionate about his work, committed to providing patients with positive outcomes so they can live comfortably.

Why Choose OrthoticSA?

At Orthotic SA, we believe in a patient centered approach that utilises leading products and technology, in evidence-based practice. We are outcome driven, providing you with results, whilst integrating with other healthcare providers. 

Good orthotic services are there to significantly improve the lives of our patients. To meet individual patient needs, we provide both prefabricated and custom solutions that cater to each individual.

Our Process


We use medically proven methods to assess your needs and decide on the correct treatment that will benefit you most.


Using industry leading technology along with expert knowledge allows us to create custom devices to match all our patients needs. 


It is crucial that device fits comfortably and meets patients’ needs to achieve results.

We take the time to fit you properly and will make alterations needed so you receive all day comfort.


Ongoing monitoring allows us to best look after you and provide a treatment that has lasting affects, letting you live your best life.